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Applications are down this year for Princeton University.

We’ve got some Princeton admissions stats for you. For the Class of 2017, Princeton received a total of 26,505 applications, according to “The Daily Princetonian.” For the Class of 2016, Princeton received a total of 26,663 applications. So the number of applicants are down for Princeton this year as compared to last year’s admissions cycle. These figures include all Early Action applicants. This year, 3,810 students applied Early Action to Princeton, of whom 679 were offered admission and 2,777 were deferred. Interestingly, the Early Action figures actually rose at Princeton this year — by 10.7%, according to “The Princetonian.” So the decline in applications is all a result of the Regular Decision round.

According to the article on Princeton admissions statistics in “The Princetonian” by Catherine Duazo, “Last year, the University also saw a slight decrease in total application numbers following the all-time largest applicant pool for the Class of 2015. This decrease comes after a continual upward trend and coincides with the University’s reinstatement of the early action admission program for the Class of 2016. Dean of Admission Janet Rapelye said that it is still too early to attribute the smaller applicant numbers to the early action program. ‘All of this is speculation because we only have the numbers from the students from the past two years,’ Rapelye said. ‘It may be because the students who are most serious about us are using our early action program, and students who are most interested in other schools are applying to their early action program.'”

Remember when Princeton (and Harvard) re-instituted Single Choice Early Action programs for the Class of 2016? What impact do you think this decision made on the Princeton admissions stats? Let us know your thoughts on the matter by posting below. And be sure to check out our compiled Ivy League Statistics.


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