Politics at Ivy League Schools

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If colleges in general skew left politically, Ivy League colleges skew more left. And the data backs this up (photo credit: Apavlo).

Do you believe that Ivy League professors overwhelmingly skew to the left? That belief isn’t unfounded. There is data to back it up. According to a “Bloomberg” video on politics at Ivy League schools, as of May 17th, President Obama had a “35:1 fundraising edge at Brown University.” The report goes on to state, “Professors, administrators and others employed at the eight universities of the Ivy League have given $375,932 to Obama and $60,465 to Romney, according to data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics, a Washington watchdog group that tracks campaign finance issues.”

Does it surprise you that professors, administrators, and staff at the eight Ivy League colleges donate so much more to President Obama than to Governor Romney? It shouldn’t. Academia skews left and the Ivy League colleges skew extremely left. Even if a couple of the Ivy League colleges have a reputation for conservative politics (i.e., Princeton and Dartmouth), don’t be fooled. The vast majority of professors at these universities vote Democrat. Princeton and Dartmouth, while they may skew more conservative than, say, Brown and Columbia, just because they skew more conservative than bastions of liberalism, that doesn’t mean they’re conservative.

Which Ivy League schools do you think skew to the left the most? And to the right? Let us know your thoughts on the matter by posting below. At which Ivy League school do you think the highest percentage of students will vote for Governor Romney in the upcoming election? And for President Obama? Do you think it will be a close call at any of the Ancient Eight universities? What do you think of the politics at Ivy League schools?


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