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Yale University isn’t one of the ten most politically active colleges in the United States? How many presidents have graduated from Yale? Sometimes, rankings can be a bit subjective…

“Noodle” has released a ranking of the most “politically active colleges.” After all, it is the season of politics. So what colleges across the United States are the most politically charged? According to “Noodle,” American University, with their terrific political science program that has been the training grounds for many a D.C. insider, tops the list. Coming in second? Hampshire College. Hampshire is a small, private liberal arts college located in Amherst, Massachusetts. According to “Noodle,” its students are known for their political activism.

Placing third is George Washington University. No surprise that they’d be at or near the top of this ranking. And which university places fourth? Another shocker (sarcasm) with Georgetown University. Notice a geographic trend by chance? Placing fifth in the ranking is New College of Florida (uh huh). And this school is followed by Claremont McKenna College, West Point (that makes good sense to us), the University of Chicago, Columbia University, and the University of California – Berkeley (we imagine you’re not wondering what side of the political spectrum Berkeley students fall on).

Do you think a university should have been included in this top ten ranking? Do you think some of these universities should not have been included? Let us know your thoughts on the matter and, heck, what about schools like Harvard and Yale? There surely are a number of politicians (and Supreme Court justices) coming out of these two universities. How come they’re not on the list? Why is there only one Ivy League college on the list? That’s our question for “Noodle.” And, while you’re here, check out this post on the Ivy League and Politics.


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