Olympics and Dartmouth

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Dartmouth has a proud Winter Olympics tradition.

Dartmouth College has a rich Winter Olympic tradition. The College on the Hill regularly sends a ton of current students and alumni to compete on the biggest stage in sports like alpine and cross-country skiing, ice hockey, and more. This year, if Dartmouth College — the little school in the mountains of New Hampshire — were a country, they would have placed twenty-first in the medal count. You read that correctly and we’ll say it again. If Dartmouth — a university with about a thousand students in each incoming class — were its own country, they’d have bested every country but twenty in the Winter Olympics medal count. How incredible is that?

When we say that highly selective colleges are looking for talented students to form a well-rounded class, this is precisely what we’re talking about. Highly selective colleges aren’t looking for well-rounded students. They’re looking for exceptional students — including those who will represent the university at the Winter Olympics. Congratulations to Dartmouth College on this incredible feat and for its long and storied tradition at the Winter Olympic Games. It’s truly extraordinary!

And a special shout-out to Gillian Apps for her third straight Olympic gold in ice hockey. She has made Canada and Dartmouth quite proud. Way to go, Gillian!


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