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An article in “Yahoo Finance” about selective non-Ivy League colleges is rather misleading.

Not all that one reads online is true, they say. Not even when it’s posted on “Yahoo Finance” apparently. In a piece by Abby Jackson for “Yahoo Finance” entitled “These 9 US colleges are more selective than some Ivy League schools,” Ms. Jackson — as the article suggests — lists nine universities she believes to be more selective than certain Ivy League universities. And on what basis is Ms. Jackson making this claim? As she writes, “Although the Ivys are notoriously tough to get into — most have acceptance rates less than 10% — you might be surprised to find that there are other schools that are even more selective. Here are the other schools that are even more selective than the Ivys, according to statistics compiled from the 2016 US News & World Report.”

Just because a school has a low admission rate doesn’t make it highly selective. That’s nonsense.

So, Ms. Jackson is basing this claim on the admission rates of these universities. But there’s a big flaw with that approach. Say Horizontal University (we made up this university) had ten applicants for the Class of 2020. They admitted only one student. That means that Horizontal University has an admission rate of 10%. But does that make Horizontal University more selective than any Ivy League college? No. That would be quite silly indeed.

So what are the schools Ms. Jackson cites in her list, you ask? Claremont McKenna College, with an admission rate of 10.8%, West Point, with an admission rate of 9.5%, California Institute of Technology, with an admission rate of 8.8%, College of the Ozarks, with a rate of 8.3%, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with an admission rate of 7.9%, Alice Lloyd College, with a rate of 7.1%, and Stanford University, with an admission rate of 5.1%.

We’re fine with the assertions that Caltech, MIT, and Stanford are as selective or more selective than some Ivy League colleges. But College of the Ozarks? Alice Lloyd College? Who on earth is Alice? Doesn’t she work for the Bradys? Utterly ridiculous if you ask us.


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