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Bev Taylor, Founder of Ivy Coach, has been featured in an article of Yale’s newspaper on the Universal College Application.

Bev Taylor, Founder of Ivy Coach, has been quoted in the newspaper of Yale University in an article entitled “Yale considers new application platform” written by Tyler Foggatt. As you may know, we have been an outspoken critic of The Common Application over the years — like the time Bev questioned whether The Common Application was potentially restraining trade by financially penalizing universities that chose not to offer The Common App. on an exclusive basis. At Ivy Coach, we firmly believe in capitalism. We firmly believe in a free economy. And that’s why we’ve got the back of our friends at the Universal College Application, who deserve the right to have their application used by highly selective universities, too. And indeed the UCA is getting their wish at more and more schools these days. Yale University may have no intention of joining the UCA — instead preferring another application (or two) — and that’s just fine. We back the notion of multiple applications.

According to the article on a potentially new Yale application in “The Yale Daily News,” “Bev Taylor, founder of Ivy Coach, a New-York based college consulting firm, said that many other schools, including Princeton and Cornell, followed Harvard’s example and joined the Universal College Application after the Common App crashed last fall. Taylor said these colleges were not originally members of Universal College Application because the Common App made it very expensive for a university to subscribe to two application systems.”

Apparently The Common Application may be reducing this fee — perhaps inspired by our outspokenness on this issue. Or perhaps inspired by their desire to not restrain trade in the United States of America where every business should have the opportunity to be successful with smarts and hustle! Who knows.


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