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September 20, 2021

More Details on Cornell Class of 2025

Cornell has released its profile for the Class of 2025 (photo credit: Justin Ennis).

A few weeks back, we shared the Cornell University Class of 2025 admissions statistics with our readers. Cornell, you see, has joined the group of schools that share their admission statistics a few months after most schools. And why? Well, so as not to add to the stress surrounding the highly selective college admissions process. So they say. We paraphrase, of course. Because releasing an 8.7% overall admission rate five months after most other elite universities release their overall admission rates makes the admissions process entirely less stressful, right? Eye rolls all around. In any case, Cornell’s Class of 2025 profile has been released and thus there are a few more details about Cornell’s incoming class that we can now share.

According to Cornell’s Class of 2025 profile, 3,765 students are expected to enroll in the fall of 2021 — 1,285 in the College of Arts and Sciences, 897 in the College of Engineering, 174 in the SC Johnson College of Business, Hotel School, 137 in the College of Architecture, Art & Planning, 604 in the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, 175 in the SC Johnson College of Business, Dyson School, 325 in the College of Human Ecology, and 168 in the School of Industrial & Labor Relations. 55% of total enrollees in the Cornell Class of 2025 are women. 45% are men. 62.1% attended public high schools. 14.7% are legacies. 19.4% are first-generation college students. 6.1% are recruited athletes.

Unlike most highly selective universities, Cornell actually released the percentage of admits who submitted test scores in the class profile. As it turns out, 40.8% of students submitted SAT scores (this presumably applies to the schools at Cornell that were not test-blind). 19.7% submitted ACT scores (same caveat). According to our arithmetic, this means that 60.5% of enrollees submitted either an SAT or ACT, which means the majority of Cornell’s incoming class submitted scores (only 39.5% did not submit scores). We’re not exactly sure how the students who applied to schools within Cornell that did not accept test-scores are accounted for in this data. But in any case, would you say that applicants who submitted scores enjoyed an advantage in Cornell’s admissions process this past year? Based on this data, we sure would say so! Imagine that. The 25th percentile for SAT submitters was 700 for evidence-based reading and writing and 750 for math. This same 25th percentile for the ACT composite was a 33. The 75th percentile was a 760 for evidence-based reading and writing and an 800 for math. The 75th percentile for the ACT composite was a 35.

27.9% of students in the Cornell Class of 2025 identify as underrepresented minorities. 53.1% identify as students of color (if you’re wondering why there’s such a disparity, keep in mind that Asian American students, while they are students of color, are not underrepresented minorities in elite college admissions). 10.2% of the Class of 2025 are international students. Domestic students hail from 49 of the 50 nifty United States from 13 original colonies (which means Cornell failed to secure a student from one state in its incoming class in spite of Cornell being the largest of the Ivy League institutions — party foul!). And, as a final tidbit, 7,746 students were put on the waitlist to the Class of 2025. 5,800 students accepted a spot on the waitlist. Only 24 of these students placed in limbo ultimately earned admission.

Congratulations to all students who earned a spot in Cornell’s Class of 2025!

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