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Kerry at Yale, Yale and John Kerry, Yale and Secretary of State

There’s a piece in “The Yale Daily News” about former Secretary of State John Kerry’s return to Yale.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry has announced his next act. He’s heading back to his alma mater, Yale University. A 1966 graduate of Yale, John Kerry will be returning to Yale to teach a seminar and conduct research. That’s right — he’s going to teach. So while the University of Pennsylvania may have landed former Vice President Joe Biden as a member of the faculty, unlike Biden, Kerry is actually going to teach a class. How cool it will be for students to learn from one of the most powerful politicians in American history — irrespective of which side of the aisle students might be on.

As reports David Yaffe-Bellany for “The Yale Daily News” in a piece about the newly announced Kerry Initiative, “According to a Yale statement released Thursday afternoon, the Kerry Initiative will be designed to address global challenges like climate change and violent extremism through teaching and research. Starting in the 2017–18 academic year, Kerry will lead a seminar open to students from across the University and collaborate on research with undergraduates and graduate students as part of the new Kerry Fellows Program. ‘It will be exciting to engage with a lot of diverse students from various disciplines within the University complex, and be able to look for fresh thinking … as to how we’re to going to respond to these very tough problems in the world,’ Kerry told the News in an interview. ‘I’m really looking forward to a two-way street in terms of this relationship and my ability to learn from people, to test ideas and to recalibrate some of the judgments I’ve made over the years.'”

This is a major coup for Yale to land the most recent Secretary of State. Kudos to Yale on their recruiting job!


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