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Shame, shame, shame on Princeton University for having so few undergraduate vets. Or should we say…vet (photo credit: Alfred Hutter).

Some Ivy League colleges have significantly more veterans they claim as students than do others. We want these figures to be out there so those Ivy League colleges with subpar numbers can be held accountable (like Princeton University) and those colleges that do a wonderful job recruiting members of our military can be applauded (like Dartmouth College). So let’s get right to those Ivy League vets numbers. Harvard University has a total of three undergraduate students who are veterans. Three. That’s right. Three. Just by happenstance they could have gotten three to matriculate. What does that say about Harvard’s recruiting of our nation’s veterans? Not much!

But Harvard isn’t the worst offender. According to “Princeton Alumni Weekly,” as of December 2012, Princeton had one — one! — student among its undergraduate population who served in our nation’s armed forces. And that person was a senior so who knows how many Princeton has now! According to “The Dartmouth,” “The University of Pennsylvania has 35 current undergraduates receiving G.I. benefits, but it is unclear how many of those are veterans or simply dependent on veterans, said senior Cory Boatwright, the founder and director of the University of Pennsylvania Military Veterans Association.” As we’ve previously reported, Columbia has approximately 300 undergraduate vets enrolled in its College of General Studies. Way to go, Columbia! “The Yale Daily News” reports that over 60 veterans are currently matriculated at Yale. And “The Brown Daily Herald” reports that Brown has seven undergraduate military veterans in its ranks.

As of November 2013, Dartmouth had 17 veterans enrolled as undergrads and between 75-100 at the graduate schools. For a school of Dartmouth’s size, this is quite impressive. Much of their recruiting can be attributed to the tireless work of former Dartmouth president James Wright, himself a former United States Marine. Ivy Coach hereby salutes Dartmouth and Columbia for their efforts to recruit members of our military. Princeton and Harvard, we hope you improve these figures!


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  • james anderson says:

    Aren’t the vast majority of undergrads at top schools straight out of high school? Why is there a need to recruit middle-age people to these schools? There are plenty of educational opportunities for people who have already developed life skills and experience.

    • Bev Taylor says:

      Why is there a need to recruit veterans? Because they serve our country and are deserving of the best education our country has to offer them. It’s as simple as that.

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