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At Ivy Coach, we are committed to helping veterans of our American military gain admission to highly selective colleges, including the Ivy League colleges.

On this Veteran’s Day, we’d like to discuss an article we read in “Commentary Magazine” by Michael Rubin entitled “Ivy League Needs More Veterans.” We couldn’t agree more with the title of the piece. And although we disagree with several points he raises in his piece (and he seems to have a fairly negative impression of Ivy League colleges, notably Yale), his larger point that Ivy League colleges would benefit from having American veterans on their campuses is a valid one.

Rubin writes, “It’s time students room with veterans, eat with veterans, and learn from veterans.” It’s a point we absolutely agree with. We couldn’t quote more from his piece because, frankly, we didn’t agree with much. But the fact is that highly selective colleges, like the Ivy League colleges, seek to fill their classes with diverse students and diversity of experience and background is certainly a part of this. While there are Ivy League colleges that make concerted efforts to admit veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, there is so much more they can do. There is so much more they must do.

At Ivy Coach, we used to offer our pro bono services to a number of students, from a number of backgrounds. But we couldn’t help everyone and we happened to realize how much we enjoyed working with select American veterans every year. They’ve served our country, at great personal sacrifice. They’re so often appreciative of our help. They’re respectful. We root for them. Big time. And we’re committed to helping a few each year gain admission to the highly selective colleges of their dreams — including Ivy League colleges.


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