Ivy League Veterans Coming Together

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Ivy League colleges love America’s veterans. Let’s get the word out!

We at Ivy Coach love to highlight ways in which our nation’s elite colleges make great efforts to not only encourage America’s veterans to matriculate but make great efforts to make veterans feel welcome once enrolled. You see, it’s a common misconception that our nation’s elite colleges aren’t a good fit for the brave veterans of America’s armed forces. We can’t tell you how many veterans we’ve spoken with over the years who don’t realize that they have the potential — if they approach the process correctly — of earning admission to America’s most formidable universities.

Ivy League Veteran Council Meets at Dartmouth

And so, today, we figured we’d shine a lantern on the fall 2019 meeting of the Ivy League Veterans Council. The Council met earlier this month at Dartmouth College, a meeting that opened with Dartmouth President-Emeritus James Wright addressing those gathered. Wright, himself a former United States Marine, has — we would argue — long been the greatest advocate within higher education for America’s veterans, helping to author the Post-9/11 GI Bill.

As reports Joey Chong for America’s oldest college newspaper, The Dartmouth, in a piece entitled “Dartmouth hosts meeting of Ivy League veterans group,” “During the morning session, school representatives described the changes in their respective populations of student-veterans and highlighted successes and areas for improvement. In the afternoon session, the participants had a discussion about increasing productivity…The University of Chicago was inducted as an official member of the ILVC during the meeting. The member institutions also agreed to publish an annual report to document updates within their organization.”

We love to see veterans at America’s elite colleges, including now the University of Chicago (Ivy League school or not!), coming together to discuss issues relevant to students who have served our nation in uniform. And if you’re a veteran interested in Ivy Coach’s pro bono college admissions help, do fill out out free consult form, indicate that you’re a veteran interested in our help, and we’ll be in touch in short order.


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  • David Michael Lightfoot says:

    Hello, my name is David Michael Lightfoot but I go by Mike. I am an active duty Coast Guardsmen and I am interested into getting into a top school in the U.S. I am connected with Service2School and Warrior Scholar Project, and I would like to connect with your organization as well.

    Thank you for your time!

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