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October 22, 2021

Ivy League Vaccination Rates

92% of students, faculty, and staff at Dartmouth College are fully vaccinated (photo credit: Derrick Smith).

Curious to know the percentage of students who have been vaccinated at each of the Ivy League schools? If so, we’ve got the answers for you, though do keep in mind that each of these institutions reports the figures differently. At Yale University, 99.6% of undergraduate students are vaccinated, while 96.5% of faculty and 92.7% of staff have gotten shots. At Dartmouth College, 92% of students, faculty, and staff are vaccinated, though 96% of the on-campus community is vaccinated and 99.4% of students are vaccinated. At Columbia University, 99.7% of students across all campuses are vaccinated. At Brown University, 99.2% of students are vaccinated. At the University of Pennsylvania and Princeton University, 99% of undergraduate students are vaccinated. At Cornell University, 96% of the school’s on-campus population is vaccinated. And at Harvard University, 96% of students are vaccinated.

And what percentage of students at these institutions are testing positive for COVID-19 these days? As Emily Fagell reports for The Dartmouth in a piece entitled “Ivy League institutions report high vaccination rates,” “While each institution reports positivity rates differently, reported rates have been low across the Ivy League: as of Monday, Dartmouth reported a 0.13% positivity rate; Cornell a 0.14% positivity rate; Brown reported 0.10%; Columbia came in at 0.24%; Princeton at 0.07% and Harvard at 0.05%; Penn at 0.32%; and Yale reported 21 positive cases. According to the Yale Daily News, Columbia is the only Ivy that does not require regular testing for vaccinated community members.”

So while each of the Ivy League institutions seems to be reporting vaccination and infection rates a little bit differently with some reporting students, others undergraduate students, and still others on-campus populations, the overwhelming trend is that just about all students at these institutions have gotten shots in the arm. We’re glad to see it!

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