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September 29, 2019

Ivy League Schools Love Public Schoolers Too

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The majority of admits to Brown’s Class of 2023 hailed from public high schools. And, among the Ivies, Brown is no exception (photo credit: Chemsiyuan).

We’re always confounded when parents — often the parents of public high school students — make the claim that the fancy, schmancy Ivy League schools really only want students from private schools. You know the schools…schools like Andover, Exeter, Choate, Harvard-Westlake, etc. That assertion, of course, is false. Ivy League colleges, like all of America’s highly selective universities, admit students from public schools just as they do from private schools.

The Ivies Admit More Public School Kids Than Private School Kids

As an example, 1,686 high schools are represented among the students admitted to Brown University’s Class of 2023. 58% of these admits hail from public schools, 31% from private schools, and 11% from parochial schools. Among the overall admits to Princeton University’s Class of 2023, 63% hail from public schools. By our advanced arithmetic, this means that only 37% don’t hail from public schools. Fancy that math? And it’s not like Brown and Princeton are the exceptions here. Each and every Ivy League school admits more students from public high schools than private ones.

There Are Strong Public High Schools Just As There Are Weak Private High Schools

The Ivy League schools have come a long way since the age in which they’d essentially only admit students from feeder schools, like the Andovers and Exeters of the world. Now don’t get us wrong. The Ivies still love their students from fancy schmancy boarding schools. But to suggest that the Ivies don’t really want public school kids flies in the face of reality. Are there weak public schools that rarely send students to Ivy League universities? Of course! But there are also strong public schools that regularly send as many — or more — students to Ivies than some of the very best private schools. So the suggestion that the Ivies don’t want public schoolers? Well, that’s bologna likely uttered from the mouth of a parent whose public school-educated child didn’t make the cut for the Ivies.

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