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Of the top ten colleges where you get the best return on investment, four are Ivy League schools. Stanford, Duke, and Caltech are also in the top ten for ROI.

The Ivy League return on investment is big. Don’t believe us? We’ll give you the data so it’s not a matter of opinion. Every year, PayScale comes out with a ranking of return on investment for colleges around the nation. The 2012 rankings are out and who tops the list? That would be Harvey Mudd College where the 2011 cost for four years of education was $212,900 and the 30-year net ROI was $1,467,000. And what college is the ROI runner-up? That would be the California Institute of Technology where it cost $207,400 over four years as of 2011 and it led to a 30-year net ROI of $1,417,000. A pretty good return on investment, huh?

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology placed 3rd with a 30-year net ROI of $1,238,000 at a cost of $208,100. Stanford University was close behind with a 30-year net ROI of $1,194,000 at a cost of $220,200. Right behind Stanford on the list are Princeton University, Harvard, University, Dartmouth College, Duke University, and the University of Pennsylvania. The University of Notre Dame rounds out the Top 10.

Notice a trend here? Four of the top ten colleges with the best return on investment are Ivy League colleges. And Caltech, MIT, and Stanford are three of the most highly selective colleges in the nation. So if you don’t think going to a highly selective college like an Ivy League college is worth it in the long run, you just might want to think again. The data presented by PayScale indicates where you go to college matters a whole lot in terms of your career earnings.

What do you think about the Ivy League ROI? See the full data on PayScale and let us know your thoughts by posting below!


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