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Certain companies recruit exclusively out of the Ivy League.

There is an article in today’s “Brown Daily Herald” that discusses how elite consulting, banking, investment, and law firms target Ivy League students. In a study conducted by Lauren Rivera, an assistant professor of management and organization at Northwestern University, it was found that graduates of Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and Wharton (UPenn) have the highest hiring rates. The fact is that many elite firms such as a Bain or a McKinsey will only hire from top schools. Often times, they’ll only hire from the Ivy League or from a school such as Stanford, Duke, Caltech, or MIT.

According to the article in “The Brown Daily Herald: “‘My sense is that Brown gets a little bit less attention than some of the other schools from other firms — but they get a lot of attention from us,’ said Chris Bierly, head of North America associate consulting recruiting at Bain and Company, which recruits from 40 colleges and universities in North America. ‘We think of Brown as a core school — one of the three or four best sources of talent in the Ivy League.’

Barclays, Bank of America and Merill Lynch have stepped up their recruiting efforts at Brown, while Goldman Sachs is a ‘regular participant,’ Simmons said. ‘From what I hear, they like Brown students and their entrepreneurial spirit, ability to work independently and think critically, their analytical skills and high level communication skills.’ There is no national survey comparing job prospects after graduation across top-tier schools, he added, ‘But in terms of employment, I think our school does very well because of the attributes that (Brown graduates) bring to the table.’ ‘Whether that has to do with the Brown degree or the attributes of Brown students — I don’t know,’ he said.”

Are there incredibly smart people who attend colleges outside of the Ivy League and the few aforementioned colleges? Of course! And there are plenty of top colleges that these firms traditionally don’t recruit as heavily from such as Northwestern, Rice, or Georgetown. It’s absurd. And yet it’s how it is. It’s one of the reasons why many believe an Ivy League education is money well spent. Even if, as some allege, the in-classroom learning experience may not be that different from a state school, there is no arguing with where these elite firms are recruiting their job candidates from.

Check out the article in “The Brown Daily Herald” here.

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