Ivy League Quadruplets

Ivy Quadruplets, Ivy League Twins, Ivy League Admission for Quadruplets

The paper that broke Watergate recently ran a piece…on quadruplets who all earned admission to Harvard and Yale.

“The Washington Post” ran an article recently on the Ohio quadruplets who all earned admission to several Ivy League schools. While the quadruplets did not all earn admission to each of the Ancient Eight institutions, their collective tally is super impressive indeed. Among their acceptances, all four earned admission to Harvard and all four earned admission to Yale. So…drum roll please…where will the quadruplets be going to school next year?

Why they’ll be going to Yale. So to all those students who think students just about always choose Harvard over Yale, know that just isn’t the case. There are absolutely students who choose Yale over Harvard. Don’t you think President George W. Bush could have gone to Harvard? Of course he could. He went to Harvard Business School. But he went to Yale as an undergraduate. Like President Bush, there are many students who choose Yale over Harvard each and every year and we write this post because one parent once told us, “Students don’t choose Yale over Harvard.” It’s simply not the case. Many students, like these Ohio quadruplets, prefer Yale over Harvard. To each their own.

A twin with stronger grades and scores can often carry his or her sibling with slightly weaker grades and scores (but still strong grades and scores) over the finish line of admission. While highly selective colleges will break up siblings applying the same year, they’d prefer not to. To put it succinctly, let’s say that they hesitate to do so.

And if you’re wondering if highly selective colleges look to admit siblings who are applying the same year (e.g., twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc.), you bet they do. Schools don’t like to separate siblings. Do they sometimes offer admission to one twin and not the other? Yes. But, overwhelmingly, highly selective colleges look for reasons to admit both the twins.

Congratulations to these impressive Ohio quadruplets! And, while you’re here, read what we wrote about twins in college admissions a while back.


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  • Scott Cooper says:

    According to Parchment College Matchup, 61% of those who were accepted to both colleges last year chose Harvard over Yale. That leaves 39% choosing Yale over Harvard.

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