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A former Ivy League lacrosse player was drafted in Major League Lacrosse and competed as an openly gay athlete.

Over this past weekend, Robbie Rogers of Major League Soccer got quite a lot of attention for taking the field for the Los Angeles Galaxy. In fact, Rogers probably brought the most attention to the sport of soccer in the United States since David Beckham moved to LA to play for the Galaxy. And Rogers was able to draw this attention because he took the field of a U.S. male major league team sport as an openly gay athlete — something journalists in reputable papers this weekend claimed had never happened before. But we at Ivy Coach knew this wasn’t the case. We knew that our friend Andrew Goldstein, a graduate of Dartmouth College, had already taken the field as a professional athlete for Major League Lacrosse. Heck, we’d even previously reported on it.

Is Major League Lacrosse extremely popular? No. But it is a male U.S. major league team sport and it’s not like Major League Soccer is ridiculously popular either in this country. We don’t want to take away anything from Robbie Rogers taking the field for the Galaxy. It was a wonderful moment when he checked in and they announced his name (if you haven’t already, you should check out the video below). He was all smiles and the crowd was on its feet clapping and cheering. For gay athletes everywhere, it was a wonderful moment to witness.

But, at the same time, we think it odd that journalists — who are supposed to fact-check — have been getting their headlines wrong. A former Dartmouth College lacrosse goalie already broke this barrier years before — in 2005. Cyd Ziegler of “Outsports” also brought attention to this error by journalists yesterday when he pointed out that an Ivy League lacrosse player — and not Robbie Rogers — actually broke this “barrier.” We’re glad he righted the record.


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