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The Dartmouth Aires became a part of pop culture this fall on NBC's "The Sing-Off." They finished as the show's Runner-Up.

Tonight, The Dartmouth Aires finished as the Runner-Up on NBC’s “The Sing-Off.” Finishing second in a field of the sixteen finest a cappella groups in the nation, The Dartmouth Aires made their College on the Hill proud. Said host Nick Lachey, “You represent the best of college a cappella.” That they do. Now, since we’ve made a point of highlighting The Aires’ performance on the hit NBC show (hey, with NBC the word “hit” has to be redefined since “Must See TV” went off the air), we figured we’d bring to your attention other times in which Ivy League schools have been featured or became a part of pop culture beyond the Facebook movie.

The movie “The Good Shepherd” featured the Yale a cappella group The Wiffenpoofs in addditon to the famous secret society, Skull & Bones. Harvard has been featured prominently in “Legally Blonde,” “Good Will Hunting,” “The Great Debaters,” “Stealing Harvard,” and “With Honors.” Dartmouth was the basis for the famous movie “Animal House,” written by an alumnus of Dartmouth’s Alpha Delta fraternity, Chris Miller. It’s also featured throughout “A River Runs Through It,” written by an alumnus as well. And Penn’s Franklin Field is featured prominently in “Invincible” and “Unbreakable.”

We can go on and on about the Ivy League in pop culture. And we will! Check back soon to read about other times in which Ivy League colleges have been featured in pop culture. And be sure to check out some of the great performances of The Dartmouth Aires.


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