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We’ve got the Ivy League hockey standings to date for you (photo credit: Alexis Monroe, “The Dartmouth”).

Let’s check in on the Ivy League hockey standings for the year. On the men’s ice hockey side, Yale University sits atop the standings with a 6-1 mark in Ivy League play. Dartmouth College sits in second with a 4-2-2 mark in league play. Princeton University has a 4-2 mark, Brown University a 3-4 mark, Harvard University a 2-5-1 mark, and Cornell a 0-5-1 mark. Overall, Yale has a 13-6-3 mark. Dartmouth is at 11-8-4, Princeton is at 9-10-4, Brown is 8-9-5, Harvard is 6-15-2, and Cornell is 8-13-2. Cornell has lost seven straight games.

In women’s ice hockey, Cornell University sits atop the Ivy League with a 7-1 mark. Harvard University is at 6-0-1, Dartmouth College is 4-2-1, Princeton University is 2-6, and Yale University as well as Brown University are at 1-6. Overall, Cornell sits at 20-5 on the season. Harvard sits at 20-3-2, Dartmouth at 13-7-4, Princeton at 9-14-2, Yale at 4-17-2, and Brown at 4-17-1.

It’s interesting that Cornell and Harvard are at the top of the women’s ice hockey standings in the Ivy League but sit at the bottom of the pack in the men’s ice hockey Ivy League standings. Why do you think that is? Let us know your thoughts on the hockey standings by posting below. And do you know what is traditionally thrown onto the ice during Princeton-Dartmouth men’s hockey games in Hanover? Tennis balls.


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