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An alumnus of Dartmouth College is behind the most significant and meaningful architectural design of our time.

Michael Arad, a Dartmouth alumnus, will be unveiling the most important work of his lifetime in a week’s time. Arad, an Israeli-American architect, was in his early 30’s when his design was selected out of thousands (5,201 to be precise) to be the design of the Freedom Tower. The design, known as “Reflecting Absence,” is a product of Arad spending a year drawing on his rooftop after September 11th. It is also the product of ten years of disagreements and compromises.

But on September 11th, 2011, Arad will unveil his work that he and citizens across our nation and around the world will look to in order to remember this most tragic day in our history and the innocent people whose lives were lost. Said former Dartmouth president James Wright a few years back at a convocation ceremony, “Michael Arad is an extremely talented young architect who is working on the most consequential memorial of our time. His sensitivity and understanding will provide the world with a means to remember and to reflect on the terrible losses of 9/11. Dartmouth is proud of him.”

We salute Michael Arad for helping to give our country a place to remember the fallen of 9/11 and honor their memories on this tenth anniversary and beyond.

You can have a look at an article on Michael Arad’s Freedom Tower design in “The Dartmouth.”


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