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Princeton University has a winning tradition in college football history (photo credit: Joseph Barillari).

We’ve got some Ivy League football trivia for you! The Ivy League, after all, was founded as a football league. So let’s get started. Do you know which university holds the record for most national championship titles in football? Look no further than the Ivy League as the answer to this question is…Princeton University. Yes, we’re indeed discussing football. Not lacrosse. Princeton has 26 national football titles! Along these same lines, do you know how many seasons Yale University held the record for most all-time wins? That would be 116 seasons. 116 seasons…can you believe it? And for 37 of these seasons, Yale also held the record for the best winning percentage. Notre Dame held this record for 35 seasons.

And how about how the Ivy League colleges do against each other? As of 2006 (we haven’t combed through the rest of the data), Dartmouth College boasted the most Ivy League championships (this included 17 outright titles or shared titles). Since 2006, Harvard has claimed three outright or shared titles, Brown got a share of a title, and Penn claimed two outright titles. If you’re comparing the schools strictly in the first decade of the 21st century (from 2000 – 2009), then the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard have set the standard for the new century. They each secured four titles in that span, with each school winning a title each in this second decade of the latest century.

And how about the last decade of the 20th century (from 1990-1999)? That was a decade of Dartmouth College dominance. During that span, Dartmouth College secured four championships. The University of Pennsylvania managed to win three in that same time frame. And how about the 1980’s (from 1980-1989)? That decade was essentially all Penn. During that span, Penn won an incredible six Ivy League championships (including five in a row). Yale and Harvard each won three in that same span (remember that some titles are shared).

Be sure to check back soon for some more Ivy League football trivia. It’s appropriate, after all, during this college football season.



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