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There’s a good piece in “The Dartmouth” on potential new NCAA legislation.

There’s a great piece out in “The Dartmouth,” America’s oldest college newspaper, about new legislation that could put to an end efforts by Ivy League and other athletic coaches to recruit student-athletes for their teams prior to the junior year of high school. For those scratching their heads because they think that Ivy League and other college coaches across America are currently not allowed to contact student-athletes before junior year as per NCAA regulations, you have reason to scratch your heads. You’re right. But there are technicalities that many coaches capitalize on to circumvent these very regulations, to gain a competitive advantage.

As per Alex Leibowitz’s piece for “The Dartmouth” entitled “Ivy League proposes new legislation to combat early recruiting,” “On Sept. 21, the Ivy League proposed new legislation to the NCAA to combat early recruiting. If approved, the legislation would close the various loopholes that allow coaches to make contact with recruits before their junior year. Instead, recruiting, especially through phone calls and conversations at sports camps or clinics, would be prohibited until Sept. 1 of a student’s junior year of high school…The legislation would prevent coaches from giving young recruits promises about financial aid and help with admission. Furthermore, coaches may not talk to players about recruiting at camps and clinics, call or receive a call from younger players. The concept behind this legislation is that it tightens up the rules about early recruiting already on the books, which differ among NCAA Division I sports but allow early recruits to visit campuses through an ‘unofficial visit not paid for by the institution’ according to the NCAA.”

We firmly stand behind this proposed new legislation to close these loopholes that allow college coaches to recruit 13 year-old quarterbacks (hi Lane Kiffin of Alabama!). These coaches are exploiting the system, and they’re giving themselves an unfair competitive advantage. Let’s even this playing field and make it so that no coach — no matter their sport or school — can make contact with a student athlete before their junior year of high school. It simply isn’t necessary and the number of coaches exploiting these loopholes is one too many.


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