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Ivy League development cases are flagged when reviewed by Ivy League admissions counselors.

Ivy League development cases and their parents, take note. If you’re an alumna or alumnus of an Ivy League college, you might be interested to know how your alma mater tracks you so that they can maximize their donations to the school. First off, you’re ranked. When an alumni relations officer from your alma mater contacts you, they know what kind of donor you are. They know if you donate regularly, if you donate big sums, if you never donate at all, and if you donate from time to time. Indeed, they can see all of your past donations to your alma mater when they pull up your page. They can also see the donations of your parents and other relatives. It’s all connected in this way.

But that’s not all. Did you know that your alma mater — if you attended an Ivy League college — tracks you in other ways? As an example, they run your name through news searches to see if you’ve accomplished something big of late. Maybe you’ve been tapped to run a major company. Maybe you just married a Vanderbilt (as announced in “The New York Times”). Maybe you just founded a company that landed Mark Cuban as an investor on “Shark Tank.” It’s these kinds of things that interest a university for a couple of different reasons: 1.) Some of these stories would make for great press in the university alumni magazine and other publications and 2.) It means your chances for making major donations possibly increased.

Ivy League admissions officers know when they’re reviewing the application of a development case — the progeny of a major donor to the university. And many folks can surmise this. But did you know that Ivy League colleges go Big Brother on you when it comes to your own finances? Often times, they do indeed. Does this surprise you? Let us know y our thoughts by posting below! And, while you’re here, check out this post on Legacy Admissions.


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