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Princeton University tops the Ivy League list for earning potential of grads as compared to tuition costs.

You may wonder the extent to which Ivy League degrees impact potential earnings. Well, “Smart Money” has come out with some new analyses of the median pay of recent graduates, the median pay of mid-career graduates, and the starting tuition and fees for both groups of grads. So which Ivy League college ranks best? That would be Princeton University. Recent Princeton grads earn a median salary of $58,900 while mid-career grads earn a median income of $123,000.

And which Ivy League degree ranks next? Dartmouth College with a median income for recent grads at $54,100 and $123,000 for mid-career grads. Dartmouth is followed by Harvard University at $57,300 and $121,000, respectively (keep in mind the rankings are also influenced by tuition costs but we found this data less interesting). After Harvard, Penn comes next at $59,600 and $111,000, respectively, followed by Cornell, Brown, Yale, and Columbia. At Columbia, the earning statistic for recent grads is $54,300 and for mid-career grads, it’s $99,700.

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