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There will be an Ivy League conference tournament in men’s and women’s basketball beginning in 2017.

As conference basketball tournaments are underway, we’d like to report on a change coming to Ivy League basketball in 2017. If you’re wondering why we report on Ivy League basketball when this is a college admissions blog, two things: (1) we write about all things Ivy League and (2) if you don’t think men’s college basketball impacts admissions, you aren’t a regular reader of our blog. If you want a case example, take a look at one of America’s most selective universities — Duke University. If you’re a high school junior and are looking to get into Duke next year, we encourage you to root against Coach K’s Duke in the NCAA Tournament this year. After all, the further Duke advances in March Madness, the more applications the school will likely receive next year. There is usually a direct correlation here, one we’ve been quite vocal about over the years.

A newly instated Ivy League conference tournament adds needed excitement to Ivy League men’s and women’s basketball.

But back to the change coming to Ivy League basketball. For the first time in history, the Ivy League will have a conference tournament at the end of regular season play. The conference tournament will take place at Princeton’s Palestra and this applies to both men’s and women’s basketball. As reported by Laine Higgins and Nick Buchta of “The Daily Pennsylvanian,” “Starting with the 2016-17 season, the Ivy League’s so-called ’14-game tournament’ will get a slight makeover. The Ivy League Council of Presidents voted to approve a four-team post-season tournament for men’s and women’s basketball, the league announced in a press release on Thursday. The first iteration of the tournament will take place in 2017 over two days at the Palestra with the men’s and women’s semi-final games on Saturday, March 11, and both championship games on Sunday, March 12…Adding a post-season tournament will extend the length of the men’s and women’s seasons by one week. To compensate for this extension, each team will play one less regular season non-conference game.”

This is exciting news for Ivy League basketball fans. And if you’re wondering about this year’s standings on the men’s side, Yale University has won the Ivy League crown outright with a 13-1 record. Princeton, at 12-2, finished in second with Columbia in third at 10-4. The rest of the Ivy League schools had losing records this year with Tommy Amaker’s Harvard at 6-8, UPenn at 5-9, Dartmouth at 4-10, and Cornell and Brown at 3-11.


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