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We’ve decided to make this week a week in which we focus on successful Ivy League companies. Ivy League companies, as defined for the purpose of this post, are startups founded by Ivy League graduates. A Princeton University professor of politics and international affairs, Anne-Marie Slaughter, once asserted that the innovators and entrepreneurs who will shape the future of the United States aren’t in her Ivy League classroom. We strongly beg to differ and have made a point over the last couple of years on our blog to highlight these very innovators from the Ivy League who defy her erroneous assertion. Her assertion was based on anecdotal evidence so we take great pleasure in countering her point with anecdotal evidence of our own.

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Even big-time startup founders like Quantified Impressions’ Noah Zandan can sport cool shades.

Noah Zandan, a 2005 graduate of Dartmouth College and a Northwestern MBA, is an excellent counterpoint to Professor Slaughter’s claim. Zandan founded Quantified Impressions, an Austin, Texas-based startup that helps people become world-class communicators through the power of analytics. Through their pioneering analytics and personalized performance feedback, companies hire Quantified Impressions to help make their employees more effective verbal and nonverbal communicators. As you probably know if you’re a regular reader of our blog on college admissions, we are big fans of analyzing nonverbal behavior and we’ve given quite a few tips to students on how to improve their nonverbal communications in college interviews. So, needless to say, we think that Quantified Impressions is offering businesses quite a lot of value.

Zandan’s company has been a staple in the press of late, garnering attention from ABC News, Yahoo Finance, and many other outlets on topics ranging from the nonverbal communication of Obama and Romney in the presidential debates to what your body is really saying in its nonverbal communications on your Valentine’s Day date. We offer our congratulations to Noah, a former Big Green swimmer and a close friend of the son of the Founder of Ivy Coach, on the success of his company. May his entrepreneurship be an example for all twenty-somethings looking to carve out their American success story.


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