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May 9, 2011

Ivy League Career Counseling

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Ivy League career counselors report this year’s statistics on their grads’ plans for next year. And the data is interesting.

An article in “The Dartmouth” today reports that 25% of Dartmouth College seniors have received and accepted employment offers for the coming year (down from 27% the previous year). Of the remaining college seniors at Dartmouth, 20% plan to attend graduate school next year (down from 24% last year). And how do other Ivy League colleges stack up? Let’s take a look at Cornell University’s and Brown University’s numbers as reported by their career counseling staffs.

According to Ivy League career counseling staff members interviewed by “The Dartmouth,”many universities have sent out surveys in recent weeks to gauge what their grads will be doing next year. “50 percent of Cornell seniors have accepted jobs, 30 percent will attend graduate school, 9 percent are still seeking employment and 7 percent are seeking acceptance to graduate school, Rebecca Sparrow, director of Cornell’s Career Services, said in an email to ’The Dartmouth.’” At Brown, “Approximately 35 percent of Brown University students plan to attend graduate school immediately following graduation, and approximately 23.9 percent of undergraduates will receive jobs after graduation, The Brown Daily Herald reported.”

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