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Will Harvard take exclusive ownership of this year’s Ivy League basketball title?

The University of Pennsylvania upset Harvard University this past Saturday, throwing a wrench in Harvard’s path to the Ivy League basketball title. There are now a number of outcomes that could take place and Harvard, the alma mater of star Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin, doesn’t necessarily come out on top in all of them. Let’s walk you through the potential Ivy League basketball outcomes for the year.

According to a “Harvard Crimson” post on the Harvard basketball team, “If Harvard wins its weekend matchups with Columbia on Friday and Cornell on Saturday, it will secure at least a share of the Ivy League Title. When those two teams came to Cambridge, odds makers gave Harvard a roughly 94 percent chance of winning each game. Those percentages will be lower when the Crimson take to the road, but Harvard will still be expected to emerge victorious in both contests. Its fate is no longer solely in its hands though, as the Quakers now will also have a say in who represents the league in the Big Dance.”

If Penn manages to go undefeated in its next three games and Harvard goes undefeated next weekend, Penn will face off against Harvard again for the chance to gain the automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament. Additionally, there’s a chance that Yale could face Harvard for the right to the automatic bid to March Madness. And let’s not forget that Harvard isn’t guaranteed a chance to go to Big Dance. If they lose their next two games, they put their fate in the hands of Penn and Yale. Not to mention…there’s a scenario in which Princeton could claim a share of the crown, too!

Who do you think will win out this year? Will Harvard take the crown all for themselves or will Yale, Penn, or Princeton ruin their plans? Let us know your thoughts by posting below! And guess we were wrong when we predicted earlier this year that no Ivy League school would be able to compete with Harvard this year. We thought they were in another class. Woops!

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