Ivy League and the CIA

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The latest Director of the CIA holds a PhD from Princeton University. The CIA and Ivy League have intertwined histories.

Over the last couple of years, the Central Intelligence Agency has put out a lot of PR indicating that the agency is interested in recruiting more diverse operatives than ever before. Many have claimed they’re interested in moving away from recruiting Ivy Leaguers in order to create a more diverse and all-inclusive agency. But has the CIA recruited fewer Ivy Leaguers in recent years? Or have they realized that Ivy League schools are some of the most diverse universities in the nation? The fact is, the Ivy League and the CIA remain intimately tied.

What’s interesting is that the new Director of the Central Intelligence Agency is General George Petraeus, a man who received his PhD from Princeton University. Porter Goss, who served as Director of the CIA from 2004-2005, was a Yale graduate. George Tenet, who served in the same position from 1997-2004, holds a master’s degree from Columbia University. The list goes on and includes President George H.W. Bush, a Yale graduate.

Why do you think the CIA’s new director hails from an Ivy League school if the agency is trying to move away from its image of hiring from these schools? Let us know your thoughts on the Ivy League and the CIA by posting below!


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