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Does the Ivy League have a liberal bias? You decide based on these statistics (photo credit: Namkota).

You may have read, heard, or you may believe that the Ivy League has a liberal bias in that its professors tend to be liberals who don’t necessarily offer balanced political opinions in the classroom. You wouldn’t be wrong. A poll from several years ago conducted by the “National Center for Policy Analysis” found that of 151 Ivy League social science professors surveyed, 26% selected Bill Clinton as the best president in the last forty years.

Only 8% named Republicans Reagan, Ford, George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, or Nixon. Combined. In fact, of those surveyed, 57% identified themselves as Democrats. But that’s not the astounding figure. The astounding figure is that only 3% identified as Republicans with the remaining professors identifying as independents! By these statistics alone, it’s safe to say that Ivy League professors have a liberal bias. We don’t think Bill O’Reilly would disagree. The fact is that colleges tend to have a liberal bias and some of the schools with the biggest biases are in the Ancient Eight.

There’s an opinion piece in “The Atlantic Wire” today that describes the clashes between the Occupy Wall Street protesters at each of the eight Ivy League universities and all the students who intend to graduate and secure jobs on Wall Street. What do you think about these clashes? If the Ivy League is as liberal as the aforementioned statistics seem to suggest, how come so many Ivy Leaguers end up on Wall Street? Do these stats not tell the full story? Let us know your thoughts and opinions!


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