Ivy League and NHL

The Ivy League and NHL, Ivy League NHL Players, Ivy League and NHL Representation

The Ivy League is well represented in the NHL. Many current players and prospects hail from Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Princeton, and Cornell.

The “Harvard Crimson” reports that four students set to be a part of the incoming Harvard College Class of 2015 have been selected in the NHL Draft which brings the total of players drafted on the Harvard roster to 8. According to the “Harvard Crimson,” “Two future Harvard icemen, goaltender Stephen Michalek and forward Petr Placek, were taken in the sixth round. Forward Colin Blackwell and defensemen Max Everson—brother of junior forward Marshall Everson—were both taken in the seventh round.”

So what about other Ivy Leaguers in the NHL? Well, the Ivy League and NHL are intimately tied. Back in 2007-2008, 33 Ivy Leaguers battled for positions at NHL camps. On current NHL rosters, Ivy Leaguers are not in short supply. Dartmouth’s Lee Stempniak skates for the Phoenix Coyotes. Princeton’s Darroll Powe was recently traded from the Philadelphia Flyers to the Minnesota Wild. Cornell’s Byron Bitz is a member of the Boston Bruins. But they’re not all playing amazingly in the NHL (though some are)! Dartmouth’s Hugh Jessiman, the 12th pick by the New York Rangers in the 2003 NHL Draft remains one of the biggest busts in NHL history. His NHL debut wasn’t until 2011.

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