Ivy League and Job Market

We wanted to bring a commencement speech to your attention once again. It is a speech given by Conan O’Brien from 2009 at Dartmouth College, one that we believe is the greatest commencement speech. In the speech, Conan discusses the various differences between the Ivy League colleges. We’re not going to put in print what he jokingly says about the schools, but remember that there is always truth behind stereotypes. Stereotypes, after all, are mental shortcuts (heuristics) that are important for survival. He also discusses the job prospects of the Ivy League graduates. He happens to say how their college degree gives them something that only 92% of Americans will ever know. Amusingly, he also states how this degree differentiates them from such dropout losers as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, etc.

O’Brien also talks about how one is destined to face disappointment in life, especially in one’s career. He mentions how one’s dreams and goals evolve and how parents should brace for spending a lot of time with their new college graduates. They’ll see them when they come out of the basement because the wifi isn’t working. They’ll see them all the time (while Conan is joking, there is definitely some truth to what Conan is saying for some parents and recent grads).

Anyhow, check out the commencement speech. It’s outright hilarious. Even the Secret Service for George H.W. Bush is snickering in the background. Heck, it even got a smile or two out of Barbara Bush. Did you know that Barbara Bush’s hair turned white at thirty? If not, now you’ve got your random fact of the day. If you’re a recent college grad without a job, hopefully this speech will help make you feel better about yourself and your circumstances. Because there are quite a few in your boat.

But don’t forget the influence of the Ivy League on careers!


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