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More students in India are studying abroad than ever before. And many of those students are applying to Ivy League universities.

There was article in yesterday’s “Times of India” about how Ivy League colleges are recruiting high schoolers in India. Apparently, the recruiting is becoming so widespread that a large portion of the 18 year-old population in India now seek to attend colleges in the United States. According to the “Times of India,” “Until now, these hallowed schools were considered a favorite destination for disciplines in post-graduation, usually for the elite. But now, with scholarships aplenty, even the bright kid next door nurses such dreams.”

The article mentions how Nikhil Puri got admitted to Purdue University for mechanical engineering and how more students are seeking to study abroad this year than any year previously. It should be noted that Purdue University is not in the Ivy League, contrary to what the article implies! It seems the Ivy League and India could get better acquainted.

According to the article, “City schools testify that there are many more students going abroad this year, as compared to previous years. ‘The greatest difference in placements this year is that nearly every student is leaving India to study abroad, while last year, around 40% chose to remain in India. Many students have elected to study academic subjects at college, as opposed to pre-professional fields, like business and engineering,’ said Caroline Linger, director of academic and college counselling, Indus International Schools.” And according to Paul F. Meekin, headmaster of Trio World School, students aren’t studying abroad just in the sciences and business anymore. They’re going for psychology, history, and sociology.

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