Ivy League and Hollywood

Ivy League Hollywood, Hollywood in Ivies, Ivies and Hollywood

Ivy League colleges have established mentoring networks in Hollywood.

Some may wonder the advantages of attending an Ivy League college. Some debate whether the in-classroom learning experience is markedly stronger than large state schools. Some debate whether the cost of tuition to pricey Ivy League schools is worth it. Few debate whether Ivy Leaguers form connections at their alma maters that last a lifetime and, often, positively impact their career trajectories.

Let’s take a look at one specific industry – Hollywood – to see how an Ivy League education benefits the careers of alumni in this sector. The Ivy League and Hollywood, after all, are intimately connected. From Harvard’s Jeff Zucker, the former CEO of NBC Universal and now Katie Couric’s producer (again), to Yale’s Bruce Cohen, the producer of “Milk” and “American Beauty,” to Dartmouth’s Shonda Rhimes, the creator of “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice,” to Brown’s Davis Guggenheim, the director of “An Inconvenient Truth,” the list of Ivy Leaguers in Hollywood goes on and on.

And how can graduates connect with established Hollywood folks who graduated from their Ivy League college? That’s easy. Ivy League colleges have online log-in career advisory alumni directories. Alumni volunteer to be mentors. Some of course have better followthrough than others! Ivy League colleges also have organizations like HarvardwoodDAEMA, and Yale in Hollywood to support recent grads and forge a sense of community among alumni in the biz.


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