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If you’re a current or former Ivy League admissions officer, we are interested in hiring you. We’ve got Ivy League admissions officers on staff, and we are always looking for more. If you worked at Harvard, we’re interested. If you worked at Yale, we’re interested. Princeton too. And Dartmouth, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, and Penn. And, outside of the Ivy League, if you worked at such schools as Northwestern, MIT, Duke, Williams, Amherst, Wesleyan, Tufts, Caltech, Stanford, Rice, Emory, and…you get the idea…we’re interested too!

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We are hiring former of current Ivy League admissions officers at Ivy Coach.

So send over your resume to director@theivycoach.com or give us a ring at 212-600-0312 because we’re interested in hearing from you. The beauty of working for Ivy Coach is that you can work from anywhere. Yes, it may sound like an infomercial, but it’s true. You can work from Chicago, Portland, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Boise…you name it. It doesn’t matter to us because the vast majority of the time, we work with our students and their parents over the phone, through email, and via Skype. Location just doesn’t matter to us.

Ivy Coach is the premier college admissions consulting firm in the world with a specialty in helping students gain admission to highly selective colleges — especially Ivy League colleges. We also help students gain admission to prep schools, graduate schools, and such but our core focus is and will always be highly selective college admissions. It’s what we’re known for and we’re quite proud of that! So give us a shout and inquire about working with us at Ivy Coach today.


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