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Some people think that contacting college and particularly Ivy League admissions counselors is unwise. They may think these admissions counselors don’t want to be bothered, that doing so should be reserved exclusively for the sycophants. They’d be wrong. Establishing a personal connection with regional Ivy League admissions counselors can truly boost one’s chances for admission. It’s a way of showing interest in a college. It’s a way of establishing a personal connection that can go a long way.

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Reaching out to Ivy League admissions counselors can boost a student's chances for admission.

But that doesn’t mean a student’s parent should be making the contact. And that doesn’t mean the student should ask questions that are answered in college guide books. The questions should parlay a student’s interest in the college and, ideally, his/her intellectual passions such as asking about a research program the student read about online.

One may wonder how much contact is too much contact. A student should not be contacting an Ivy League admissions counselor every day. That student will only be regarded as annoying. They should not show up unannounced at the admissions office and ask for a personal meeting with the regional admissions counselor. These kinds of tactics will only hurt – not help – your chances for admission.

But putting a face to an application typically helps a candidate. That personal connection can go a long way. And don’t assume a regional admissions counselor will remember you simply because you sat in at a panel when the counselor presented at your high school. Ask smart questions. Show what you can bring to the college. Ivy League admissions counselors are human and people tend to want to help those they know over those they don’t.

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