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What can you learn on Ivy Coach’s Ivy League admissions blog (which also focuses on any highly selective university)? Lots. Learn about what not to do on college interviews. Learn about what you should and shouldn’t write about in all of your many college essays. Learn about what Ivy League and other highly selective college admissions counselors are looking for in your application. Learn about what turns college admissions counselors off and leads them to click deny. Learn how to find your hook as a talented applicant. Learn about legacy admission. Learn about how Asians and Asian-Americans are discriminated against in the highly selective college admissions process. Learn about development cases. Learn about the Ivy League’s Academic Index. And so much more!

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We hope our Ivy League admissions blog gives you some of the advice you are seeking. If you want more advice to improve your odds of admission to a highly selective college, peruse our services and sign up for a free college admissions consultation.

Do we give you all of the secrets of the highly selective college admissions process on our daily updated blog? No. Absolutely not. We certainly don’t give away all of our expertise. But we do give away some because we believe college applicants and their parents looking to be more informed should be able to find a reliable place on the internet (where so much information about the highly selective college admissions process is absolutely wrong) to do so. It’s why Ivy Coach admissions blog tops many rankings of college admissions blogs. Find another college admissions blog that has posted every day — every single day — for the past year. We don’t miss a day at Ivy Coach. Not one.

So peruse our blogs — go through the new ones as well as the old ones — and learn some helpful tips as you (or your child) prepares to apply to a highly selective college. Read what you should and shouldn’t do. Read our advice and try to internalize it. But if you want our best advice and if you want to greatly improve your (or your child’s) odds of admission to an Ivy League or other highly selective university, you should call us for a free college admissions consultation. We can then get started helping you (or your child) get in.


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