Ivy League Admission Rates

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Admission rates dropped at Ivy League colleges again this year. Shocker!

Ivy League admission rates and admission rates at other top colleges are down this year, marking yet another most competitive year ever. Shocker! We’ll be analyzing the figures in the coming weeks but here are some of the admissions rates for the Class of 2015 for the Ivies, Stanford, MIT and Duke.

Harvard College – 6.2% Admission

Columbia University – 6.4% Admission

Yale University – 7.4% Admission

Princeton University – 8.4% Admission

Brown University – 8.7% Admission

Dartmouth College – 9.7% Admission

University of Pennsylvania – 12.3% Admission

Cornell University – 18% Admission

A few of the non-Ivies:

Stanford University – 7.1% Admission

Massachusetts Institute of Technology – 9.6% Admission

Duke University – 12.6% Admission

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