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Just under 10% of applicants from India were admitted to the UPenn Class of 2015 (photo credit: Bryan Y.W. Shin).

“The Choice” blog of “The New York Times” sat down two days ago with the Dean of Admissions at the University of Pennsylvania in the hope of demystifying the Ivy League admissions process for aspiring Ivy Leaguers from India. So what’d Eric Furda have to say? Well, he said that students in India are likely to have “varying levels of English preparation,” inconsistent SAT prep, and often inaccurate information about U.S. universities.

Furda went on to say how the admissions office at Penn is in the process of extending their recruiting reach beyond the major cities of India, beyond Mumbai, New Delhi, and Bangalore. They want to reach students across the nation – in rustic parts of the nation as well as urban parts. One of the major reasons why students in India are applying to U.S. universities is because the competition to gain admission to the elite Indian universities is so tough…so students seek to expand their options.

In terms of numbers, 460 students applied to the University of Pennsylvania in the hope of being a part of the Class of 2015. Of those 460 students, 42 were admitted. That marks an admission rate of just a little bit under 10%. What do you think about these numbers? What do you think about what Eric Furda had to say about Ivy League admission from India? Let us know your thoughts by posting below! And check out this post on the Ivy League and India.


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