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Peruse college websites, department homepages, and college admission blogs to better familiarize yourself with a college so that you can be specific in your college essays.

If you’re a student struggling to complete the essay prompt on why you want to attend a particular Ivy League college, we’d like to try to help. One way of brainstorming ideas for Ivy League admission essays like the “Why College Essay” is to peruse the college’s website. If you’re interested in math at Princeton, browse through the math department website at Princeton. If you’re interest in biology at Dartmouth, browse through Dartmouth’s biology department homepage. Read about the professors. Check out the course descriptions.

Another way to get a sense of an Ivy League college so that you can be specific (and being specific is essential) in these college essays is to peruse the admission blogs at each of the schools to which you’re applying. These blogs can give you a sense of what it’s like to be a student at the college and, often times, students post! See for yourself. Have a look at the Brown Admissions Blog, the Cornell Admissions Blog, the Dartmouth Admissions Blog, or the Yale Admissions Blog for starters.

Just about every college – especially the highly competitive colleges – have admission blogs. Go through old posts. Write down notes. Maybe there’s something in those posts that rings true for you that you can share in your Ivy League admission essays! And while you’re here, check out our newsletter and video on Why College Essays.


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