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Ivy League Story, Ivy Acceptance Story, Ivy League Admission Story

We have an Ivy League acceptance story to share with our readers, one that comes with a valuable lesson for prospective Ivy League applicants.

Gather round. We have an Ivy League acceptance story to share. We believe that by sharing stories of students who have gained admission to Ivy League colleges, our regular readers will learn some very valuable tips. Although, we should note, we never put our best secrets on the pages of our college admissions blog so when folks tell us they read our blog and they know it all so they don’t need our help, we can’t help but secretly roll our eyes. Oh nuts. We gave away that particular secret. Those secrets are part of our secret sauce and they’re reserved for our clients. But back to our Ivy League acceptance story. How we meander from our main point! Oy vey.

A couple of years ago, we had a student who gained admission to Harvard and Princeton, among some other universities. He gained admission to all of these universities in the Regular Decision round. He didn’t apply in the Early round because he was a procrastinator and first approached us as a client after the Early round was over. We always encourage all of our students to apply Early Decision or Early Action. You’ve got to commit to one college eventually so why not commit in the Early round when the odds are in your favor? “May the odds be ever in your favor. And happy Hunger Games!” We did it again. We meandered. Back to our former student. This student got a little shall we say self-confident after getting into Harvard and Princeton and he was convinced that he’d be hearing all good news from the other schools in the hours and days ahead. We told him not to count his chickens because he knowingly didn’t heed all of our advice. And one piece of advice we shared with him was to visit every school he wished to get into. Visit. Every. Last. One of them.

Because colleges want to be loved. They’re insecure like that. They want to know that you’ll matriculate if admitted. There is no advantage to them of admitting a student they think will get into Harvard. That’ll hurt their yield rate and indirectly hurt their “US News & World Report” ranking. No college wants that. It’s the holy grail! So we told this student not to count his chickens because he didn’t visit these other schools and his application we knew was good enough to get into schools like Harvard and Princeton. A less selective university is going to realize that. There are smart folks who work at these universities. They weren’t born last Tuesday.

So to all prospective applicants to Ivy League schools, be sure to visit any school you hope to gain admission to. But visiting, of course, is not the only way of showing interest. It’s one of many ways, ways we’re happy to share with our students. So fill out our free consultation form today to get started. A few years from now, we can then make vague, unidentifiable references to your own Ivy League acceptance story and if you still read our college admissions blog by then, you’ll likely giggle.


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