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Congratulations to Princeton University for topping this year’s Ivy League football preseason ranking for the first time since 1992.

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you know that we like to write about all things Ivy League in addition to college admissions. Well, the Ivy League preseason rankings are out for football and we’ve got them for you. In what amounted to the closest decision in the past six years, Princeton University was chosen as the preseason favorite to win the Ivy League title. Placing second was Harvard University. This marks the first time that Princeton has claimed the top preseason spot since 1992. That’s quite a long time but it’s nice to see the end of this streak.

And it’s also nice to see Dartmouth College, arguably the most successful football program in Ivy League history, back near the top of the preseason rankings as well. Dartmouth ranked third in the preseason poll. Coming in fourth was the University of Pennsylvania followed by Brown University, Cornell University, and Columbia University. Princeton collected 128 points, Harvard 127 (that’s how tight it was!), Dartmouth 91, Penn 79, Yale 68, Brown 65, Cornell 34, and Columbia 20.

But don’t be too down, Columbia. Don’t forget that you were the greatest team in the land in 1934 when you won the Rose Bowl. Ok, that might have been 80 years ago but still, it’s something to be proud of. Read about Ivy Coach’s connection to this 1934 Rose Bowl victory if it so interests you. Congratulations to Princeton University for topping the preseason rankings. But, in the end, preseason rankings don’t matter one bit. It’s all about end-of-season record and here’s hoping a team that hasn’t won in a while claims the Ivy crown this year.

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  • Ivy Football Fan says:

    Columbia’s Rose Bowl victory in 1934 was one of the greatest upset wins in college football history. But I wouldn’t go so far as to call the Lions “the greatest team in the land” that year. Indeed, Columbia was not even the best team in the Ivy League that season. Princeton defeated Columbia 20-0, finished the 1933 campaign 9-0 and was invited to the Rose Bowl first. The Princeton faculty refused to let the team travel to Pasadena, opening the door for Columbia to go and ultimately make history.

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