Ivy Decision Day 2015

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We propose making Ivy Decision Day a national holiday. Ok, maybe not. That would be quite silly.

Ivy Decision Day 2015 is right around the corner for the Class of 2019. Ok, we made this day up. Hey, Christopher Columbus has a holiday even though he probably doesn’t deserve one. We’re all about creating holidays. And even though all of the Ivies don’t release their decisions on the same exact day, we’ll combine it all into one holiday. Like President’s Day. Because why not? We’ve posted the dates and times that various Ivy League colleges as well as other highly selective colleges will be releasing their admissions decisions, but we thought we’d take the time to write a bit about really taking your time in making a decision once admissions decisions are rendered.

Many of the students we work with in the Regular Decision round here at Ivy Coach gain admission to more than one Ivy League college. And then they are left with a decision. But, in our experience, they’re rarely torn. In some cases they are. We can think of several students over the years who really grappled with whether to attend Harvard, Yale, or Princeton when admitted to two of the three universities or all three. But, in most cases, students (and their parents) have their minds made up before their admissions decisions are even rendered. As an example, many of our Indian applicants in particular prefer the University of Pennsylvania over, say, Brown University. Brown is a great school, too. Is it for everybody? No. But we encourage our students to visit each and every school. If they gained admission, they likely already visited. But why not visit again? This is a most important decision. While the University of Pennsylvania might be more ingrained in the vernacular of Indian and Indian American families, that doesn’t mean it’s a better university. Give Brown a chance, too. Open up your mind and then make the decision. Your decision might be Penn in the end. But at least you’ll be certain about this if you put yourself through these paces.

So on this upcoming Ivy Decision Day 2015, take a moment to enjoy the Ivy League colleges (and other highly selective schools) that you’ve earned admission to…if you’re so lucky! And don’t decide upon attending a school right away. You’ve got time. Visit these schools again. Speak to students at these Ivy League colleges. See if they smile at you when you smile at them. The smile test sure does work! We’ve been having our students and parents do it for years. And then — and only then — should you make your decision. Oh, and don’t forget to go out and eat a hot dog or something after you’ve made your decision. Ok, you don’t have to go out and eat a hot dog. But we insist you celebrate this day! Not every day of your life will you earn admission to the college(s) of your dreams. It’s fleeting. So soak it all in this Ivy Decision Day 2015. It’s a holiday. Run with it!


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