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Yale is projected to win the Ivy League this year in men’s basketball action.

It may not be March but Ivy League basketball teams are gearing up to play. And which Ivy League school is projected to win the league and earn its automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament? That would be the alma mater of former Nets and Knicks center (and Diabetes advocate) Chris Dudley — Yale University. Yale received five of seventeen first place votes, earning 177 points. This beat out Columbia University, which placed second in the preseason ranking, tallying 114 points. Princeton, the team with the richest history in NCAA Tournament play, is predicted to finish third, totaling 108 points. Harvard, last year’s co-Ivy League champion (along with Yale) is projected to finish fourth, totaling 96 points. This is because Harvard, coached by the league’s most well known coach (Tommy Amaker), lost its star point guard for the season.

Brown University, with 58 points, is projected to finish fifth, followed by Dartmouth College in sixth with 50 points, the University of Pennsylvania in seventh with 48 points, and Cornell University in eighth with 25 points. What’s interesting to us is that there have been years — recent ones — where Cornell and Penn have won the Ivy League and earned the automatic bid to March Madness. Not so much this year, but it’s nice to see that other schools can rise to the top, that it’s not entirely out of reach for some of these programs. There is parity in Ivy League basketball.

Oh, and we just happened to see the awesome “Linsanity” documentary, available on Netflix. Jeremy Lin, of course, is now a member of the Charlotte Hornets and is the greatest player to come out of the Ivy League in years. He is a truly special young man, one who serves as a shining example to the Asian American community that Asian Americans can play a sport like basketball — and can be exceptional at it. He is a young man of great character who has, from a young age, viewed himself as an underdog as he climbed to the top of the sport of basketball. He is an underdog no more.

Also, if you’re curious about Jeremy Lin’s test scores when he applied to Harvard, wonder no more. Along with his 4.2 GPA in high school (at Palo Alto High School), Jeremy scored an 800 on the Math section of his SAT, a 770 on Critical Reading, and a 780 on his Writing section. He also happened to have an 800 on his Math 2 SAT Subject Test, which he got in ninth grade. If you were wondering how he was doing on the practice tests for Math 2, he was scoring around 670. His mom was very pleased when he got this perfect score on the real thing. If Jeremy Lin isn’t your favorite player in the NBA, he sure should be. He’s ours.


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