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We help our students at Ivy Coach demonstrate their interest in certain schools. Showing interest matters in highly selective college admissions. And showing it the right way matters just as much.

Curious what the Interest Quotient is as it relates to highly selective college admissions, including admission to the Ivy League colleges? Well, be curious no more. The Interest Quotient is an applicant’s demonstrated interest in attending a particular university. Every email that is sent to an admissions officer, every campus visit (fill out those cards at the reception desks of admissions offices), and more are logged and recorded. After all, highly selective colleges want to know how much you want to go there because they don’t want to admit students simply for the sake of admitting students. They want to admit students who will actually attend. If a university admits a high percentage of students who choose to attend other universities instead, this university’s yield rate will be low. And that’s never a good sign for a school.

Are there admissions officers at highly selective colleges out there who will tell you that your demonstrated interest doesn’t matter? You bet. There are also admissions officers at these schools who will insist that their schools are need-blind. But if you’re a regular reader of our blog, you know that need-blind admissions is a farce. A total and absolute farce. Just as is the notion that highly selective colleges will admit students irrespective of their thoughts on whether or not they will attend.

Don’t believe everything that college admissions officers tell you. Instead, think about things logically. Why do you think students are denied admission at, say, Penn, but get into Harvard? Why are students denied admission at Cornell but gain admission to Yale? In many of these instances, it’s because these students failed to show their interest in Penn or Cornell and the admissions officers at Penn and Cornell bet that these students would get into schools such as Harvard and Yale. Admissions officers at Penn and Cornell have pride. They’re people. And they want a high yield rate. So be aware that your interest in attending colleges matters…and so do the ways in which you show this interest. At Ivy Coach, we help our students demonstrate their interest in highly selective schools the right way.


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