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May 30, 2014

Indian Ivy Leaguers

India and Ivy League, Ivies and India, India and Ivy Leaguers
There are more students from China on Ivy League campuses than there are students from India.

There is an article in “The Times of India” that we found interesting entitled “Chinese outstrip Indians in Ivy League” and we figured we’d share it with our loyal readers. Written by Hemali Chhapia Shah, the article cites how the number of Chinese students on Ivy League campuses has risen over the year, while the number of Indian students has more or less remained stagnant. In this piece, when we refer to Indian and Chinese students, we are referring to students from China and India — not Chinese Americans and Indian Americans.

According to the article, “While the share of Chinese students on the elite and exclusive club of Ivy League campuses has risen steadily over the last decade (2003-13), the rise in the number of Indians has been marginal. In 2013, Chinese (8,549) made up an impressive 27% of the population at the Ivies in 2013, while Indians (3,064) comprised about 9.7% of all international students at the colleges. Over the last decade, the Chinese have improved their share three-fold, whether in undergraduate programmes, graduate schools or non-degree courses. In comparison, the number of Indians has inched up gradually, from 7.9%.” In fact, in 2003, there were 1,260 Indian students on the eight Ivy League campuses. In 2008, that figure stood at 2,460 students. In 2013, as previously stated but so we nail the point home, there were 3,064 Indian students on the eight Ivy League campuses. As for the Chinese, in 2003, the figure stood at 2,229. In 2008, it stood at 3,643. In 2013, it skyrocketed to 8,549 students.

That’s a major difference…wouldn’t you say? We at Ivy Coach of course work with many students in China and India every year to help them gain admission to the eight Ivy League institutions. The competition for admission to the Ivies is fierce — particularly in India and China — and these students face discrimination in the highly selective college admissions process. It’s unfortunate. But it’s a reality. We help our students overcome this discrimination. It’s part of our secret sauce.

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