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October 31, 2022

Harvard’s Whopping Legal Bill

The New York Times reports on Harvard’s whopping legal bill in defending Affirmative Action.

Colleges across America should send Harvard College a giant “thank you” note. Maybe they should add in some boxes of chocolate and perhaps some bath soaps as well. And why? Because Harvard has largely footed the entire bill in defending the practice of Affirmative Action not only at Harvard but at every university across the land — a bill that, at present, is believed to top $27 million (and counting!). How do we know the bill the school with the largest endowment has had to cover? Well, it seems that Harvard forgot to respond to an insurance notice for the ongoing litigation, a mistake that could cost the university an additional $15 million. Hey, all things considered, it’s small potatoes for the school with an endowment of over $53 billion.

As Adam Liptak reports for The New York Times in a piece entitled “Blunder in Affirmative Action case May Cost Harvard $15 Million,” “As Harvard prepares to defend its race-conscious admissions program at the Supreme Court this month, a federal judge in Boston is considering a related dispute arising from a fumbled insurance filing, one that could cost the university $15 million. Harvard failed to file a timely formal claim with one of its insurance companies for its expenses in defending the lawsuit challenging its admissions policies. That company, Zurich American Insurance, refused to pay, and Harvard sued. In the process, the university disclosed that its legal fees and expenses in the admissions lawsuit and a related Justice Department investigation had topped $27 million. ’One of the nation’s top universities is apparently not great about doing its homework,’ said David Lat, a legal commentator.”

We feel for Harvard in having to foot such a large bill to righteously defend the practice of Affirmative Action for Harvard and for colleges across America. Irrespective of the size of its endowment, $27 million and counting isn’t small potatoes and paying lawyers, like paying real estate brokers, isn’t exactly fun and games. We kid, we kid. There are good, kind lawyers out there. The same, however, cannot be said of real estate brokers. Oh snap. Hey, it’s a case of misaligned incentives! We’re sure there are nice real estate brokers out there, too.

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