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We’ve got information on Harvard yield statistics for you.

We’ve got the Harvard yield statistics for you for the Class of 2017. The yield for some highly selective colleges can be 40% or 50%, sometimes more and sometimes less. But one university’s yield statistics are ridiculously high and this distinction belongs to Harvard University. Students who are admitted to Harvard tend to matriculate. It’s just how it is. And this year, that will be no different. For the Class of 2017, 82% of students admitted to Harvard University will indeed matriculate to the school in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This yield statistic marks the highest yield for Harvard in quite a number of years — since 1973 in fact. That’s a long time and a significant achievement for the Harvard admissions office this year.

Guess the cancellation of Visitas (a program for newly admitted students that showcases what the Harvard University undergraduate experience is all about) wasn’t that significant since Harvard can now boast its highest yield in decades. Isn’t that ironic? If you were wondering, Visitas was canceled this year because of the security lockdown in place after the tragic terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon. Admitted students rightly did not allow this event to impact their decision to attend one of America’s finest institutions.

The fact that Harvard boasts an 82% yield (in spite of the lockdown during the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings) is all the more impressive when you consider that they don’t even have an Early Decision policy in place for Early applicants. They have an Early Action policy — meaning students are free to matriculate to other universities that they’re admitted to. So don’t you think their yield statistic is pretty amazing? Because we do.


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