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April 12, 2021

Harvard University Class of 2025 Admissions Statistics

Harvard’s overall admission rate dropped to an all-time low for the Class of 2025 (photo credit: Caroline Culler).

Harvard University has completed a banner year in admissions for the Class of 2025. The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based institution admitted 1,968 students in total — between Early Action and Regular Decision. These students were selected out of a pool of 57,435 applicants. It doesn’t take a degree in mathematics from Harvard University to conclude that Harvard’s overall admit rate for the Class of 2025 thus stood at 3.42%. Some years ago, Frank Bruni penned a satirical editorial back in 2016 for The New York Times about how Stanford’s admission rate hit 0%. Well, 3.42% isn’t so far from 0% now is it? And just how do Harvard’s admissions statistics for the Class of 2025 compare to the admissions figures for its previous incoming classes? For the Class of 2024, Harvard received a grand total of 40,248 applications and the overall admission rate stood at 4.9%. For the Class of 2023, a then-record 43,330 students applied and the overall admission rate stood at a then-record low 4.5%. For the Class of 2022, 42,749 students applied and the overall admission rate stood at 4.6%. In no year prior to the Class of 2022 did applications to Harvard hit 40,000 and in no year prior did the overall admission rate fall below 5%. So to suggest that Harvard enjoyed a banner year in admissions for the Class of 2025, well, you can say that again. Applications rose nearly 30% year over year and the admission rate dropped to an unprecedented low. Frank Bruni’s satirical editorial may not have been so funny after all. And just who earned admission to Harvard’s incoming class? Curious to learn more about the Harvard University Class of 2025 admissions statistics? The wait is over.

Breakdown of the Admits to the Harvard Class of 2025

As The Harvard Gazette reports in a piece entitled “1,968 total accepted to the Class of 2025 as regular-decision letters go out,” “This year’s admitted class…hails from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and from 94 countries. International students make up 12.2 percent of the class, and 8.8 percent are U.S. dual citizens. About 20.4 percent come from the Middle Atlantic States, 19.8 percent from the South, 16.4 percent from New England, 17 percent from Western and Mountain States, 11.9 percent from the Midwest, and 14.5 percent from the U.S territories and abroad…The Class of 2025 reflects the increasing diversity of the College’s applicants, with 18 percent identifying as African American/Black, 27.2 percent as Asian American, 13.3 percent as Latinx, 1.2 percent as Native American, and 0.6 percent as Native Hawaiian. Women account for more than half, 52.9 percent, of all those accepted to the class.”

Harvard Should Release the Percentage of Students Who Earned Admission Without Scores

Yet notably absent from the data in the release on the Harvard University Class of 2025 admissions statistics is the percentage of students who earned admission to Harvard this year without test scores. Admissions officers at our nation’s elite universities were especially vocal this year about how students with great test scores enjoyed no advantage over students who didn’t submit test scores under the new “test-optional” admissions policies that were announced on the heels of the pandemic. So we’re wondering why they’re being so shy about releasing this one particular figure now. If it were really true that students with great scores enjoyed no advantage in admissions over students without scores, institutions like Harvard would have nothing to hide. So, William Fitzsimmons, longtime czar of the Harvard admissions office, we compel you to release the number. So much of your data was released as part of the Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard University case. Why not release this one data point now in the interest of full transparency? It’s not like it’s not going to come out in a future case anyway! Release it on your own terms. Allow us all to see if you have nothing to hide. Allow the public to be the judge and jury. Bueller, Bueller…

Congratulations to Ivy Coach’s students who earned admission to Harvard University’s Class of 2025!

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