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December 12, 2017

Harvard University Class of 2022 Early Action Stats

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The statistics are out for the Class of 2022 Harvard Early Action admits (photo credit: Chensiyuan).

Decisions have been released for the Harvard University Class of 2022. In all, of the 6,630 students who applied for Early Action admission to the university this year, 964 found out today that they got in. This marks a 14.5% Early Action admission rate for Harvard, precisely the same Early Action admission rate as for last year’s Harvard Class of 2021 EA pool. For the Class of 2021, 6,473 students applied for Early Action admission, while 938 students earned admission. So there were a few more applicants and a few more offers of admission this Early Action cycle at Harvard as compared to last year. We congratulate our students at Ivy Coach who found out today that they got into Harvard. And if any one of you come to us expressing an interest in working on additional applications, know that we won’t be helping you with those applications. We know you promised you wouldn’t today but tomorrow, well, you’d be surprised — we’ve heard it all! If you got into Harvard, you’re not going to Brown. So we’re not going to help you secure feathers in your cap that will only hurt other students. And we make no apologies for our refusal. Deal with it.

Congratulations to our students who got into Harvard today. Every last one of our students at Ivy Coach who applied to Harvard this year in the Early Action round got in. Every. Last. One of you!

Breakdown of the Harvard Class of 2022 Early Action Admits

13.9% of admitted students to Harvard’s Class of 2022 are African American (up 1.3% from this past Early Action cycle). Latinos comprise 9.8% of incoming EA admitted students (up 1% from last year). 1.8% of incoming students are Native American (up 0.7% from last year). And for that number that everybody has been waiting for…drum roll please…Asian Americans comprise 24.2% of admitted students (up 2.5% from last year’s 21.7% figure). So with the United States Justice Department breathing down the neck of Harvard’s admissions office from afar, it is interesting indeed to see this figure rise. We’re sure happy to see it!

10.6% of admits to the Harvard Class of 2022 will be the first in their families to attend college (up 1.9% from last year). Almost 58% applied for Financial Aid as compared to 57% for last year’s EA class. Even the percentage of students who requested a fee waiver on the application was up this year by a margin of 2.3%. So in virtually every subcategory of students — from ethnicity to socio-economic status — Harvard has admitted a more diverse and more inclusive class this year for the Class of 2022 as compared to last year for the Class of 2021. As reports Marina Bolotnikova for “Harvard Magazine” in a piece entitled “College Admits 14.5 Percent of Early-Action Applicants,” “The admissions office reports that ’all measures of economic diversity’ have improved for this year’s early-action applicants.” Indeed it was a great Early Action round for the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based university! Congratulations to our students at Ivy Coach who got into Harvard today! Now go out and celebrate. You deserve it!

Assistance for Deferred or Denied Harvard Early Action Applicants

And if you’re interested in our services because you (or your son or daughter) was deferred or denied admission to Harvard today, fill out our free consult form and we’ll be in touch to discuss our services for deferred or denied students. For deferred students, we help them craft powerful and compelling Letters of Enthusiasm that optimize their case for admission in the Regular Decision round. But the Letter of Enthusiasm should not be your first priority. Your first priority should be a Postmortem Evaluation in which we let you know what went wrong with the Early Action application so the same mistakes aren’t repeated in the Regular Decision round. Since applications are due on January 1st, the Postmortem is the higher priority over the Letter of Enthusiasm — though certainly both should be priorities. A Postmortem Evaluation is included with our assistance on any Letter of Enthusiasm, a term we coined many years ago.

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